Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On The Road Diary - Day 4, Goa, Hotel Raman, Calangute and Baga

It would appear that I have no memory of this day at all. So I will try to put together a sketch of what might have happened. There might have been a morning walk in the drizzle, surely a fine breakfast of the toast and omelette, fruit juice and fresh fruit bowl, coffee and cornflakes, served by the impatient and yet loveable Manoj Naik who operates the fabulous kitchen. There might have been some beer in the intervening period and there must surely have been a good lunch of fish and stuff for the others and chicken Xacuti that he promised me.
Rough sea
The sea was rougher than yesterday. The waves were high, the lifeguards on alert. Eyes were wide and hearts beat fast. The water rose higher than my ankles and I sounded the alarm bells and walked off. I am not one to put my life at risk.

The weather predictions were bleak. Considering we had come to attend a wedding which was to be performed in an open space, this was not good news at all. I was however all prepared to go drenched to the bone. So whats a bit of a rain my friend. It will be like the video of November Rain I thought.
Goa beach - Calangute
I am sure there must have been another walk on the beach that evades memory. But this I remember well. I did spend much of the afternoon reading John Armstrong's 'How to worry less about money' and read it off by evening. So you read a book titled how to worry less about money when you're on vacation. Great.
Boats being pushed higher ashore
I am also sure there must have been some Old Monk rum with some Thums Up before dinner.
Inscriptions on sand - Dirty Beach (or something like that
I am sure there must have been something nicer too. But life is too blissful to remember the small details. I am cosy in my little corner, everyone is doing their own thing. I read a book a bit, eat a bit, drink a bit, laugh a bit, walk a bit, chill a bit. The world smiles at me for no reason. I find no reason to suspect its intentions.
Some calm, but the threat of rain persists
Let me get some pics of Hotel Raman and recommend it to all who wish a good time in Goa.
This place is truly wonderful. Its not easy to find, right on the beach, great rooms and cottages.
Greenery, sea behind
Lots of greenery.

I find this cook a very interesting character. He is the one bright spot in the human populace in Hotel Raman. The rest of the boys are rather standoffish and aloof. Manoj Naik is impatient and worries if he is one of those Goan chaps who goes about throwing attitude. But I can see under that. I see a man who is in a hurry to give his customers a good time. One who has a big heart, a giving hand. He wants to heighten the experience, and if there is any thing to be faulted, its his need to get the whole thing done with quickly. 'Jaldi bolo, time nahin hai.' But his smile and his enthusiasm gives him away.
All quiet on the western front
Step into his kitchen and we find that its clean and well organised. No sand. No dirt. Everything in its place. I tell him I'd like to ask him a few questions. He is very happy. We fix up a time for tomorrow.

The trick in Goa or any travel is not to force yourself into unpleasant situations. Bad service, this and that, can upset people pretty quick. (Most bad service is actually less about the service and more about our feeling that we are not important enough.) By getting worked up and yelling etc, you end up mucking up your own experience. Find the right vibe, the right sorts, let it happen at its own pace and all will be well. Spread a little love. Enjoy your holiday, don't sabotage it. It is perfect and will be perfect. More tomorrow. Hopefully I will remember more details.


Rajendra said...

why no Feni?

Harimohan said...

I remember that detail. No feni. But to answer why, I never liked that drink.