Sunday, February 26, 2012

What Would Happen If Money Was Not There?

If money went out of the equation in our daily life what would happen?

1) I think that a more natural way of living would take over our lives. I'd stop using the branded toothbrushes, toothpastes and go to the good old neem twig, charcoal, salt which I believe gives the rural folk in India much stronger teeth than the urban folk.

2) I'd stick to home cooked food and in that, home grown or traded food. It would be simple stuff and I suppose organic because there would be no money for fertilisers and modern equipment which would emphasise the need for 'more'. I'd probably head to the places where there is some land to grow my stuff.

3) Clothes and other accessories would become far more simpler. The first thing that would disappear once money goes out of the system are the brands from my life I'd guess. I'd use clothes that are homemade, simple and functional.

4) I'd pretty much build my dwelling with my own hands, do the plumbing, do the masonry, the carpentry - do and learn a lot of work with my hands. It would keep me happy and satisfied. I'd grow my own garden, figure out water storage, drainage.

5) I'd be more social to my neighbour, my community, of whom I know nothing now though I've been living here for three decades now. I'd figure out ways for us to deal with problems as a society or community along with the others.

6) I'd also realise the importance of animals and insects and the environment. And the many chores they do in our society for so little.

7) I'd spend much more time with the family as we'd figure out how to do things by ourselves - farm, milk, vegetables, fruits, pets, water. We'd find ways to entertain ourselves, to learn and to teach.

8) I'd probably do a lot more walking, cycling and stuff like that. I'd probably be more aware of the changing seasons, of nature, of small changes that affect us when we are in tune with nature. I'd see more sunrises, sunsets, stars and moonlit nights.

9) There'd be nothing to hide, nothing to build careers for. I'd just live, beautify my surroundings, create in as many ways as I can.  It would give me much needed space to create if I have the aptitude.

10) There would be no need for unnecessary information, entertainment that offers instant gratification.
Each day would be new, filled with insecurity or security, depending on how we look at it. Each moment would be new.

11) I'd eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, sleep when tired.

12) I'd greet any person without reservation because they will have nothing to ask of me. I will smile back at people without wondering if they are smiling because they want a loan.

13) My vision for the place I am in will grow. I will plant trees, plan water bodies, secure bunds from floods. I will think ahead.

14) I will think of others and their welfare much easier with money out of the equation.

15) True character will be the big diffrentiator. I will be able to diffrentiate between the truly great and the truly mediocre once money is knocked out of the equation.

16) My to-do lists will become far more meaningful and more 'mine'.

Need to think of some more. But funnily all these look like a life that I'd want to live once I retire 'after I make enough money'. Guess I can start now.


ಭಾಶೇ said...

Like the natives in Avatar movie... they were smart and had the capacity and knowledge to do what we do, but lived a very simple life, without money.

Rajendra said...

Kingfisher Airlines would not be asking for it, many guys who hoard it in Switzerland wouldn't, putting the Swiss economy in danger. And modern day gurus wouldn't run Business Schools, they would actually retreat to the Himalayas. The mind boggles at the possibilities.

Harimohan said...

I know. Not that money is a bad thing but I think we take it out of perspective and use it, or the lack of it, as an excuse not to do things we need to, or things that we could do even without.
Raja, I did a basic list but even that brings up many possibilities but if we go deeper it does make for interesting thought like you said. It could very easily become the filter that clouds our minds. It would be interesting to see a course in B schools - one that deals with the business of handling of money and one that deals with the business of no money.

Hmmm said...

Hari Garu,

I think that humans, being forced into forming societies for their lack of individual raw physical power, had to find some way of unattached form of exchange in the society. Lo! Money worked for them. And like everything else, humans had found an attachment to MONEY too! Anyways, I guess I think what you say is definitely possible, not after retirement, but right now. But again we all have our NEEDS too, the need for shelter, food and of course expression. I guess this NEED to VOICE an EXPRESSION, through a job or a novel, is what has played havoc with us. But that apart, I wish you all the best to try. No - it doesn't mean you should live without the proper exchange, but may you prosper in peace, with or without it!

Hmmm said...

I think ever since human was forced to gather into societies, for lack of pure physical power, he had searched for some kind of 'unattached exchange' and money was a beautiful token. Of course, like for everything else, human has become attached to MONEY too. And in the NEED to EXPRESS himself, through a job or any work, he has fallen into the endless cycle of taking care of himself, belonging, and staying true to his EXPRESSION. Hence I think it is not the money that is problem it is the human's perception. While I did laugh out at the post, I was also looking to prove a point that all this is possible without retirement. And of course the joke was on me, because I couldn't find a single contradictory example. So I hope you do START 'living' the way you want to as early as possible, and hopefully you could guide as all through too.

Harimohan said...

Interesting. Especially how humans get attached to what might have been an 'unattached form of exchange'. I was just flirting with the idea of the one thing that seems to guide our lives - money. And what if it were taken out of the equation. I wrote what came to my mind randomly but it was only at the end of the post that I realised that the things I'd do were actually what I decided to do when I had a lot of money i.e. when I retired! What an irony. Made me realise that I could perhaps simplify my life even now. But as far as giving up money and experimenting with my life I am not on that path. There's been too much experimenting already. I will however go for the things I really want to do - without thinking of money as a big indicator of having achieved it. Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Hari,Do check Yogi Vemanna's take on this.

Harimohan said...

Anon, I will. Any particular source you suggest?