Saturday, February 18, 2012

Song of the Day - Koi Roko Na

This song from the 1977 Basu Chatterjee movie 'Priyatama' starring Jeetu, Rakesh Roshan, Neetu Singh, Asha Sachdev is another that sends the heart soaring. One of those fun songs with a carefree melody, a gang of friends, heady romance - it always gets the head moving to the tune. And also gets one humming along or whistling with the tune as it soars high up.

Another of the travel series, great for the road as one drives on with a bunch of happy friends. Listen and enjoy.

Koi roko na, deewane ko,
Man machal raha, Kuch gaane ko

Yeh bheega bheega mausam, yeh bheegi bheegi raahen,
Chale do hum rahi, baahon mein daale baahen,

To phoolon ne khilke, kaha yeh dil se,
Hain din suhana, mausam salona,
Daaman se baandh lo, pyaara samah

Can't remember when I first heard this song, but I always loved it. Also love the Basu Chatterjee trademark of middle class life in Bombay in the 70s with all its frailties, aspirations and joy. A time, a mood, lost forever.

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Rajendra said...

I think the music was by Rajesh Roshan. He disappeared for a long time until he came back in Kaho Na Pyaar hai with some good songs.