Monday, February 6, 2012

A Letter to Yuvraj Singh

Dear Yuvraj,
The news of cancer must have come as a shock to you and why not. The first question would perhaps have been - why me, why now? What have I done wrong? The fear must have kicked in - am I going to die? Life must seem so unfair to you that at the peak of your career, the prime of your youth and life, you are faced with such terrible news. You must think surely why you have been picked to fight all the battles, injuries, selection, life itself. But most times, it does appear that God gives the battles to those who can handle them, so you could perhaps look at it like that.

To begin with, accept the condition. Illnesses always have a way of teaching you something. As they say - they prepare you for something bigger in your life, they are part of your training for life. They assume some bigger purpose so accept it. And if you can, be grateful for it that it is trying to teach you something. Your acceptance will tell you what it is trying to teach you and the sooner you learn what it is trying to say, the better.

As Lance Armstrong did, so will you have to take responsibility for your health by understanding it deeply, taking decisions, backing your instincts, not buying into doomsday theories but not relying entirely on superficial information. You must look at the exact picture, take your decisions based on hard facts. It may look like a maze but that is what Lance did - he unraveled it all bit by bit until he knew exactly what it was all about - and so can you. Your instinct has always been good and it will not fail you. Take complete responsibility for your health.

Start surrounding yourself with people, music and stuff that is positive, that makes you feel like you are going to get well and get out soon. Stuff that makes you feel that life is much bigger than the illness and you can come back and do with your life what you were meant to. It must give you the perspective that puts your entire life, your illness and the future in the right perspective.

Be gentle with yourself, with your body and give it as much rest, love and affection as you can. It has made you what you are, supported you when you needed it and now it needs your support. Give it all the support you can from your side first - doctors, medicines, nursing care etc - they all come later. It looks to you like a child does to a parent and you must be there for it and not reject it.

As I type I can see your career unfold before my eyes. From the Under 19 team with Kaif that won the World Cup, your debut match against Australia where you had the Aussies hopping with red hot fielding and batting in the Champions Trophy, the famous Natwest final,  the many other wonderful victories and highs, the six sixes in an over, the fantastic World Cup performance in 2011 - you have always made an impact everytime you went on the field for India. But despite that impact you found yourself being dropped from the Test games, the injuries, the one dayers and yet you came back. Not many would have had the resilience to do that but you did and you did it in style.

Now at a stage when you would have been playing cricket with your mates, enjoying life, getting married and so on, you have been chosen to live differently. It is but an opportunity and one that you can seize with both hands. Your choices will help and inspire many and perhaps your future performances may equal or outshine what Lance Armstrong did after his comeback.

Lance Armstrong writes - "if I had to choose between the Tour d France or cancer, I would choose cancer". In the paradoxes of life, this is one of the biggest, that what you consider your biggest challenge, your greatest enemy could be your biggest friend. In dealing with cancer and recovering his health, Armstrong discovered a far greater strength, a purpose to his life. That in itself, adds immense conviction to one, when one takes up a challenge like the Tour de France. No wonder he also says - "the Tour is about life itself".

Like a wise old man said to me once 'Keep the attitude of let's see, and the world will open up many doors and windows where you found none'. Just hold yourself, your belief, and keep your eyes open and be aware. 'Let's see what tomorrow brings'.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a wonderful life ahead.

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Neha said...

Hi Handsome you will come back. The bad eyes from evil forces brought this set back in you. You may recall Big B`s almost fatal accident years back but see what happened, he is the most sought personality of the century. Our prayers are with you. See you on the grounds soon.