Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Paradoxes of Life - The Blame Paradox

The ones you blame are the ones you are leaning on.

The ones whom we blame are the ones we are using as crutches. They are the ones we are using as excuses for not doing or not being  what we could do or be. They are the ones you have given away your power to, so you can play the victim. If you take your power back, stop blaming them, you will have to do and be, what will be for your greatest good.

This power has been given to them by you. Not because they asked for it. But because they are the most convenient for you to blame. They are not to blame. They are doing you a favour.

Taking it back is as easy. Just stop blaming them and do and be what you want to be. Contrary to what you think, they will be glad to be rid of your unwanted responsibility.

When there is no one to blame, you grow to your fullest potential.