Thursday, February 23, 2012

Song of the Day - Aaj Se Pehle

I heard this song from the from the superhit 'Chitchor' in 1975-76 when I was still in middle school. Brother Joseph at St. Gabriel's High School, Kazipet (where I studied for 4 years before moving back to Hyderabad) who was fond of music would play this music loudly over the loud speakers after school and we'd listen to these wonderfully melodious numbers without understanding a word as we played football or cricket in the rays of the setting sun at Kazipet. I saw the movie much later of course and loved it. A classic.

Once again the music has a lot of travel element to it complete with shots of the sky from branches of trees. Love the Vijayendra dialogue - '..woh bhi ek galat tareeke se overtake karne wale se' and Amol Palekar's naive response - 'That's the spirit sir.'

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