Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Song of the Day - Dil Kya Kare

This unforgettable song from the 1975 superhit 'Julie' starring Vikram and Lakshmi is another of those songs that I associate with travel and freedom. Something to do with the mountains, the hills and clouds. The shots of the sky from the trees perhaps and the lryics. Probably the whistling does it. Once again sung by Kishore Kumar, music by Rakesh Roshan.


'Dil kya kare 
Jab kisi ko kisise pyaar ho jaaye
Jaane kahan, Kab kisi ko
Kisise pyaar ho jaye

Jaise parbat pe ghata jhukti hain
Jaise sagar pe lehar uththi hain
Aise kisi chera pe nigah ruthti hain

Rok nahin sakti nazron ko
Duniya bhar ki rasmein

Na kuch tere bas mein Julie
Na kuch mere bas mein'

Aa mein teri yaad mein 
Sabko bhuladoon
Duniya ko teri tasveer dikha doon
Mera bas chale to dil cheer ke dikha doon

Doud raha hain saath lahu ke
Pyaar tera nas nas mein
Na kuch...'

Romance spilling over from the heart all through.

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