Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting For You

In those days of senseless romanticism, the early 90s when we were still in college, came along this song from American singer Richard Marx and blew us all away. We heard this song endlessly on our tapes. It had a soft, almost Indian kind of a feel to the lyrics in its magnificent promises, great vows, supreme sacrifices of waiting for the girl wherever she goes, whatever she does and we all promised the same to the girls we knew. And they had no reason to not believe us - nor did we mean anything else but our undying love! It still evokes those same memories of course. One of the best ballads I have heard.

A link to the song on youtube.

And youtube helpfully brings back more memories lined up by the side.
Take My Breath Away (the Top Gun theme), Nothings Gonna Change My Love For You, Hard to Say I'm Sorry (Chicago), Power of Love (Jennifer Rush), Broken Wings (Mister Mister), Never (Heart), Everytime You Go Away (Paul Young) and so many more.

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