Sunday, February 5, 2012

Of Gratitude and Hand Made Greeting Cards

There was a time when people would make hand made greeting cards to express their love and affection, their gratitude. I did too when I was young - draw some line sketches of cars and pass them off as greeting cards. Or even a flower. It was a gesture that needed a lot of effort, a clear thought and a high amount of love. To me frankly the best looking greeting card, the bouquet of flowers, expensive gifts can never compare to a single hand made card. A hand made card is a bit of that person really, a genuinely felt thought. And when it is made with care and love that shows in its making, it is all the more special.

So when I received a lovely hand made card from the Class X students of the Sloka school for a small freewheeling talk we had there, thanking me for that small one hour interaction, I was bowled over. Firstly, in these times I find gratitude itself is a dying form. We are not thankful for anything and are always wondering why we are not getting anything more. How will anyone give us anything when we are not thankful for what we have got already? To see this fine expression of gratitude from young boys and girls makes the heart warm up. Its a wonderful gesture and thank you so much all of you.

The talk was fun and I forgot all about it. So it was wonderful to see both Shankar and Lakshmi Chelluri take the trouble of bringing the card over to me at home along with a bouquet of flowers. I realise that no one need to do all that. In fact I am surprised that they took all that trouble. For making me so aware that gratitude is still alive and well and the art of making hand made greeting cards as well, thank you all once again. It will take you a long way, to keep this spirit of gratitude, this honest expression with you. Thanks again all you students of Class X, Sloka School, Hyderabad and here's wishing you all a great ride being exactly what you were made to be.


Rajendra said...

As Kalam never tired of saying, school is the place where transformation (into a human) can happen.

Harimohan said...

So true Raja. It is amazing to see the difference as they grow older - fear, cynicism, lack of support makes them think and behave so differently. If we let them be, they should do a fine job and grow up into wonderful humans.