Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Paradoxes of Life - The Love Paradox

This is a Valentine's Day Special. If we want love from others, we must love ourselves.

Of all the paradoxes this one is one that is difficult to understand and live. We try to buy love, try to mould ourselves to get love, we do everything but be ourselves to get others to love us. It does not work and we know it but we keep twisting ourselves more and more, demeaning ourselves, as we seek and beg for love from others. It diminishes further. People do seem to detest it if they realise that their love is being bought.

The only way is to love ourselves. Take the time to do what we want, eat what we love, listen to what you love, watch what you love, do what you love, be alone with ourselves and enjoy the feeling, say 'No' to the demands of the world and just give yourself the peace, the love you so want to give. In that peace, in that love for yourself, you will find the security to open yourself to the love that is coming your way from the world. Everyone wants to love the person who loves himself or herself. 

Funnily again, we get all the love in the world when we don't really need it. We have the pleasure of our own love. But some more pleasure is always welcome. In fact, loving yourself they say, is the final barrier to cross for everlasting happiness and contentment.

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