Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Paradoxes of Life - The Approval Paradox

Asking favors is likely to get one closer to people, than not asking for favors.

This is brilliant. Most people think that they can get closer to people, or rather that they can get people to like them by doing them favors. Buying gifts, calling them for parties, giving money etc. This method could have its own set of downsides attached such as expectations and resentment. Mostly it is known as a failed method of getting closer to people. People do not somehow value people giving them unwanted stuff.

However, the one who asks favors (instead of doing them one) is the one who gets closer to people. He or she makes the other person feel greater, bigger and thereby opens a new bond between them. Nothing works better to a person's heart than the seeking of an honest favor.

To ask, however, one must let go of the ego that one is above asking anything. And by asking, one finds that people tend to draw them closer, take care of them and love them for the simple fact that they have recognised some worth in them. (It can be used deviously by some and has been all through history.) But a genuine request for favor (especially from those from whom they are not asked normally) can bring the most unexpected friendships, mentors and benefactors. It kills the ego and brings great loyalty, friendship and following,

To get closer to people, to enter their hearts, ask them a favor.

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