Friday, February 10, 2012

Anjali - The Guitar Agitation Intensifies

It has been found that the agitation for a guitar has now moved to more public areas. The establishment suddenly found that the front door has the now famous slogan of a guitar and a big 'NO' written on the main entrance.
Inside door

In another rather shocking incident the establishment found that the slogan with a picture of a dejected face is now appearing on the window pane of the main sitting room. The main protestor and prime suspect is however being tight lipped about the whole affair, letting the slogans do all the talking and piling up pressure on the establishment through these increasingly loud messages while doing her own thing such as watching television and playing. This second picture seems to carry her signature.
The window

The establishment which has sought time to fulfill the demands has as usual adopted a wait and watch strategy to find out how much the agitation will intensify and what shape it will take before the next steps can be taken.
The main entrance

It must be mentioned that the lone agitator has also found some outside support on the net.

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