Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10 Rainy Day Songs

This is a list I started many days ago and never finished. It started on a rainy day six months ago when it rained hard in Hyderabad after a long time. Driving past Husainsagar lake in the afternoon rain I was reminded of the rainy day songs that I like hearing. Here is a list of 10 of those that I remembered:

1) Kabhi to nazar Milao: Adnan Sami's soulful song reminds me of a monsoon that we spent listening to the song with my mother who was not too well then. Soulful and lovely to play on the drive. reminds me of the heavy monsoon everytime.;postID=59770727870819917

2) Downeaster Alexa: Billy Joel's number from Stormfront has been an all time favourite with me ever since a wonderful summer back in the early 1990S when it rained and rained everyday. How I loved listening to that song.

3) Rim Jhim Gire Sawan: Fantastic number by Kishore Kumar in Manzil. Sung as well as the original by my college mate Ramesh who excelled at the Kishore numbers. I remember a rainy evening being stranded at Paradise and borrowing Ramesh's bike. When I returned the bike I was drenched but there was some rum and Ramesh was singing this song and it was still raining outside. Heavenly.

There's a rainy video of  the female version. A young Amitabh and Moushumi running along a monsoon drenched Bombay's roads.

4) Rain: Madonna's not too well-known number got to me in my Mumbai days. I would play this song and listen to it as the rain poured outside at the flat in Nerul in 1995 where Shobha and set up house for the first time. In fact monsoons in Nerul were wonderful as we listened to music, hosted parties in our barely furnished flat and watched movies till late in the night on an old second hand EC tv.
Or even at my desk at office or in the local on my walkman.

5) Everybody Hurts: REM's memorable number is perfect to sink back and reminisce, to let the music flow over and drown under. We spent many days listening to this number over beer in Cafe Mondegar in Mumbai.

6) Bheegi bheegi raaton mein: From 'Ajanabee' this highly romantic number is great to hear on a rainy day drive. I heard it many times in one of those tapes that have assorted songs, not knowing who sang it, which movie, just captured by the romance of the song.

7) Words: Boyzone's or Beegees, this song is simply lovely for one of those long rainy rides. Great for romance.

8) Raindrops keep falling on my head:  This is an old hit, one I have heard on many cassettes and albums without knowing who sang it. But whoever sang it, B.J. Thomas I think, did a wonderful job and it enters the rain song list easily.
9) Indian Rain: A fabulous number by the Colonial Cousins. Its haunting, lilting music. Lesley's vocals and the way Hariharan enters the song is simply fabulous.

10)  Pari Hoon Main: Sunita Rao's haunting song from the 90s makes it to the list because of its tone and mood. Though the song is not about rain, as many other songs in this collection, it is great to listen to on a rainy day as it makes one go inside and listen to the sound.

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Rajendra said...

Rainy days are excellent for song-listening, as you have fewer options to go out. Even the rainy nursery rhymes are pretty hummable- like the Marathi- Ye re ye re pausa, tula deto paisa...