Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why Are Some People Happier than Others?

We invariably come across certain people who seem happier most of the time, irrespective of what is happening around them. They seem to find something to smile about, something interesting about life, something to look forward to all the time. And they carry it along with them and distribute it to one and all. When I think of these people I can think of certain attributes that they have which makes them that way.

Firstly, they do not seem to invest too much time thinking and weighing themselves down on the future and the past. They think, but just enough, to get going. They use their energies on better things - like being aware, being in the present and finding something interesting in every moment.

Secondly, they have flexible minds. They can take in any change in the environment in their stride. They are not fixed in their thought, do not get bogged down or resentful if things do not go the way they planned. They just move into the new situation as if it was a new challenge and start enjoying it. I remember a scene - a whole family of four riding a scooter went through a huge puddle of water and fell right in the middle of it, completely drenched - and they all started laughing at the situation so wholeheartedly as they sat there in the dirty water that we all could not stop ourselves from smiling! They flow easily with life.

Thirdly, they act. They do not wait and wait and think and think and bog themselves down. No guilt for them, no anger and resentment. They think quickly, make their decision quickly and act. They are on the move, flowing. They also try many new things, go where others fear to go, experiment, discover and stay alive.

Fourthly, they are not not affected by what people think, others opinions of them. They just do what they want to, take pleasure from life as it comes and don't kill themselves with guilt and over thought. This is me, take it or leave it. I think this also gives them an ability to laugh at themselves easily.

Among other things, they seem to have a sense of wonder about everything, an ability to see the lighter side of everything - which means that they do not take things too seriously. Okay, let us move on, there are so many other nice things in life, seems to be their attitude to life.

I know a few such people and the joy they bring when they come into my life is infectious. It makes my life climb into a new vibe, puts the smile in my heart, makes life seem so much bearable and suddenly everything is fine. I would like to be that person to other people in my life - it is what I'd like to be too - bring some joy into my life and thereby to others' as well. Lighten up that load then, plaster that smile on your face, laugh out loudly and find yourself going up a notch in enjoying the good life.

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Rajendra said...

Among celebrities, Harbhajan fits the bill, according to me.