Saturday, October 15, 2011

Patrick San Francesco - Healer from Goa

A few days ago I got a call from my sister-in-law, Sheila, that there was a healer from Goa and I could consult him if I wanted. He was in town but only till 1230. Consultations are free and you only donate to his NGO if you wished. It was already half past ten and I had a few more things to do that day but I decided to do it, feeling a bit adventurous, and seeing the call as a signal and so on and so forth. So Shobha and Monica and I, carried our respective bags of health woes and headed to the swanky Hotel Lemon Tree in Madhapur.

Now this Lemon Tree hotel is right opposite the TCS building as one heads left from the Hitech city and is an intriguing hotel as it is two hotels in one - Lemon Tree for the 4 star deluxe crowd and Red Fox for the budget crowd. But they are part of the same building, same premises. Never saw any like that.

Anyway we headed to the mezzanine floor after many security checks and saw Patrick who was in conversation with Avantika, who we were to meet and who was handling his visitors. Procedure is pretty simple - write your name and mobile number down in a simple register and go and see Patrick in the room. There was no one else there. Now there was no room really as we were in the restaurant where the lovely Avantika sat and an outdoor area with plants etc partitioned by glass (like a greenhouse or a smoking area) where Patrick stood, a chair in front of him.

I knew his name was Patrick but I was surprised when Avantika told me that his full name was Dr. Patrick San Francesco. Now that was the first time I heard a name like that. Tall, slender, hair that grew past his shoulders, wearing a casual white t shirt and jeans, unshaven, kindly and intense eyes, Patrick San Francesco is not your regular healer. You could meet him on Baga beach (where he has his clinic in Goa by the way, next to a Nani's and Rani's shack as per net reports) and would have thought he was a musician, a writer, a philosopher, a yogi or just a regular guy walking the beach. But his eyes are different as are the gentle movements of his body. Peaceful, a gentle smile in the eye.

Patrick is a doctor who studied medicine. But somewhere along the line he realised that he had the healing power and started his healing clinics. On the net there are several articles on him in Midday, Times and some blogs that describe how his clinic always has about 100s where he treats the poor and rich alike (same procedure, write name in register and see him) for free. People swear by his healing and say that it works. What Patrick does is "remove negative energy and direct positive energy to the parts that ail" as per the Midday article which I think is fairly accurate.

Having tried all sorts of things in the past, I personally believe that energy healing does work, just as allopathy does, and believe that everything has its place. If there is an emergency run to the allopath who can sort you out and put you out of pain in a few minutes. If there are symptoms, and things that need support, energy, alternative medicine, they could all help. All healing is good and in the right hands it does work wonders.

I watched him through the glass pane as he did his energy healing with Monica, a few minutes is all it took. I went in next. A gentle namaste and he asked me to sit in the chair opposite him. I told him my history and my health woes. We spoke of Goa, of food, of health and then he directed his energy. A couple of minutes. He reassured me that all is well and that he will take care. I normally don't have too many questions - he knows what he is doing - and pushed off. Belief is important and I am a big believer. Another gentle namaste, and I exited to chat with the dapper and handsome Aruni Ray, GM of Lemon Tree and the husband of Avantika. He explained the concept behind the two hotels being in the same place. Avantika has been seeing Patrick for two years and hence the connection as Lemon Tree gave him the space currently for his visits. We donated some, picked up a couple of CDs and headed home. Healed.

Back home I looked up the enigmatic and peaceful Patrick San Francisco on the net and found some stuff on him. All positive stuff. As I saw the 'Samarpan' website I was amazed at the work he has done with his NGO.


The work 'Samarpan' does spans education, food, health, water supply, orphanges, old age homes, disaster management, rural development, urban development. There is one project where they build low cost houses with 1 litre PET botles filled with sand used as bottle bricks. Check out the video on you tune at the following link.

It is an interesting view.

But as I see the amount of work involved, the number of people who step out to help be it education, tree plantation, food distribution or whatever, you wonder at the power of what one person and a vision, a thought, a purpose can do. And there is so much to do. Patrick is hardly visible on the website, (he is happier merely doing it seems and not talking about it and having his pictures all over) save a few quotes here and there, and the smallest picture of anyone I have ever seen. He does not talk of his NGO nor donations when you meet him, only about you and your problems, a small box outside the consultation room and we either donate or not.

I have met many healers, medicine men, yogis, mystics. What amazes me is their capacity to do so much good to the general public in their own way. If it is by giving hope and comfort, so be it. That is more than what people need anyway. There are those who charge nothing and those who do not. But the amount of work that goes in behind what we see as conventional development work is truly wonderful. Forget the healing part, even if one were to take the work 'Samarpan' is doing, it is amazing. I wish Patrick and his band of followers well and may join in some project when the time comes myself - plant trees, talk to school children, spend time with the aged.

My interaction with Patrick was for less than five minutes. Maybe when I meet him next I will talk more and know and understand more about him and his mission. But for now it is interesting to cross my path with a man like Dr. Patrick San Francesco, the Goan healer. And yes, my medical reports today confirm all is well within limits. My regular doctor would be pleased with these reports. I am.
In continuation (updated as on August 23,2021)

I have not mentioned here my experiences with Patrick apart from the first meeting, which I think I must. They may sound a bit crazy but they are my experiences. To put my health conditions out - first went because I had a case of adult nephrotic syndrome and was worried about my kidney's health, had hypertension, a uric acid problem that led to gout, varicose veins, apart from many other small issues that would bother me. I was also worried about my writing career then, having placed my belief in a friend of mine who had said I will not write more than two books (have done five now, haha). Ok back to the story.    

Just Be
In those years, I'd go each time he was in town, simply because it felt good to meet him, even for five minutes. I'd tell him that - I don't have any health issue but I just feel like meeting you and he'd smile and do his thing. When I asked him questions about what I need to do to stay in good energy to write better and more, he always smiled and said ' Just be. I loved it.

The Back Story
On one occasion there was a lot of spare time so Patrick spoke of his journey - how when he was a small child and believed God would take care of us deeply. His brother fell sick and pretty seriously (if I remember right) and Patrick, four or five then, told his parents that God will cure him and perhaps prayed for his health with a conviction others did not have. The brother healed and his own power of healing perhaps grew. But the key to his insight into energy healing happened one day when he saw the flow of life sap in a tree - something he intensely visualised and felt - and realised that all life and flow is the same (I am paraphrasing what I heard many years ago so bear with me). He said something to the effect of how by removing energy blocks and allowing flow to happen, healing happens.  Anyway once he figured how energy flow moves and how he could correct it, he had the power of healing. Of how energy worked.

To demonstrate, he said he was once attacked by some goons in America and they were much bigger than him. To demonstrate the power of his energy, he merely turned to a wall s they closed in on him and hit it with all his might with his fist.

Nothing happened to his fist. But they saw the power with which he hit the wall and they knew something bigger was at play and left him alone.

To show us, Patrick, hit the wall with all his force. Nothing happened to his hand nor did he wince. He said if we tried it we would break our hand, but he knew how energy worked so he could manage that. he also spoke of how the knowledge of the world can be accessed once you can see past.

My Medical Issues
I felt his healing had a lot to do with the way my kidney issue was resolved. When the biopsy was done and subsequent treatment given, my doctor said 'it is a miracle' your healing'. I smiled. Of course I saw so many healers and doctors in that period but I always felt good with Patrick. In fact after every test or treatment I would message him seeking healing energy.

The Scary Boil
Those days we could reach out to Patrick with any health issue on WhatsApp and he would heal distantly. Two instances. Once I got a boil which looked pretty scary. I imagined the worst and did not know what to do. If I meet a doctor, he would get me on tests and god knows what will happen to me. I messaged Patrick desperately and asked for healing energy. I don't know what happened or how, but in a couple of days, the boil disappeared on its own. no doctor, no treatment, Nothing. Just Patrick.

The Bad Throat
The other incident was even more crazier and firmed up my belief in his healing powers. I was to give my highest priced lecture ever at L&T Baroda. As things happen, before such a big thing, we manifest some health issue, perhaps coming from our fear. My throat went bad and worse until I could not speak. The doctor gave me a 10 day antibiotic treatment and it still did not heal. I could not bail out. If I spoke I coughed. No improvement even on D day. I flew to Ahmedabad and kept drinking hot water or eating lozenges but to no avail - the throat would not let me speak even at a slightly higher volume and would break out into a coughing bout.

I sat in the car on the drive to Baroda. My 90 minute talk to the senior management on leadership was at 2. I resigned myself to an embarrassing end when I might have to withdraw in a coughing bout and stop the lecture midway. As a last resort almost I messaged to Patrick on WhatsApp, a desperate plea to set my throat right, and slept off in distress. After about 30 minutes I heard the small ping of the phone and woke up. I felt something different in the way my throat felt and swallowed. It felt smooth, not painful. I spoke to the driver totest my throat out and realised I could talk without coughing. I was elated. At this volume I could pull it off carefully, if I didn't raise my voice too high. Then I checked my phone.

The WhatsApp message was blue.

Sounds crazy but I fully attribute that to Patrick's distant healing. The talk went off well and I could pull off the 90 minute talk which went beyond the stipulated time very well with no sense of discomfort.  I didn't even have to apologise for my health.

Ever since I know Patrick has been extremely busy. I know his number is off WhatsApp but even now when I need healing energy I send a request in my mind hoping he'll receive it and that he'll send healing energy.
Considering that many people seem to be visiting this page I thought I should add these two experiences as well. In the intervening years I know Shobha did a healing workshop with him and I also recommended him to some other friends. Most dropped off but I somehow keep it going - just feels nice.

To be.      



Rajendra said...

Interesting, including the name.

Vetirmagal said...

//I have met many healers, medicine men, yogis, mystics. What amazes me is their capacity to do so much good to the general public in their own way. I But the amount of work that goes in behind what we see as conventional development work is truly wonderful.//
In the present times, what we see in politics, the games being played, I had often wondered why dont we elect these social contributors, who do so much for the needy with so much kindness!. How much the state cane achive with that!
But , it will never be. We will suffer for electing to choose glamour, lies , and greed.

However, as you said, we can do good in our own way. Be kind in every day life. help and share benefitas much as possible( and earn " idiot" as surname from our social circle), and sleep in peace.

Harimohan said...

Dear Vetrimagal,
Each to his own space I guess. Politics needs a different kind of energy and outlook and is a tough job - it is not everyone's cup of tea. It is best we find our own way to add to the dream of the world we want to live in. That is a good place to begin and can lead to other things - if they were meant to be.

Anonymous said...

Your post is nice. However, if he is a doctor, prove it. All i could find on the web was nicely placed articles about him AND that he was a financial man that took a huge hit when the "bubble burst" a few years ago. We saw him and he said he had cured my two friends from lung cancer and breast cancer, and they are truly believers in healers and alternative methods of treatment. Well, neither was cured, in fact, one is getting worse and the others recent scans are not positive. His name is Patrick San Francesco, not Francisco, by the way. Of course he was at the swanky hotel, how else is he going to make a buck for "his" foundation. Do you have proof of him being a physician? or how the money breaks down at the foundation?

Harimohan said...

Dear Anon. Thanks for correcting me on the name. Also I have no proof that he is a physician or how the money breaks down at the foundation. Never thought of asking for proof since the whole idea was about faith. My general approach to healing is to trust fully and intuitively and hope for the best. Some work and some don't. But most give momentary support and peace. Maybe some do also give long term cure - but I don't know about that.
I wrote the blog based on what I found on the net and what people told me which is good enough for me. It is my opinion, an experience I have had which i found interesting. I also pray and hope your friends recover and have a good quality life.

Harimohan said...

And Anon thanks for writing in.

Mary Beth King said...

Healing comes in many ways. Too often people assume that it has to be an outside job. We all are going to die and there are many ways for that to happen. Healing the heart is a bigger gift and sometimes what is needed. What finer gift before we leave this earth would that be? Blessings to all that we can all experience true healing.

Mary Beth King said...

Healing is often not seen. Unfortunately what too many want is to take away health issues that cause pain and eventual death. This is nature. This is also part of life. Healing the heart could be the gift that too many cannot see. My hope is that your friends were healed in ways that are of the spirit...ways that touch the world that live forever even though we don't.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Mary Beth for writing in and sharing your views. In my experience I have found that the feeling of solace, of support, of being taken care of is often a bigger healer, and of a more long lasting nature. It gives peace and the courage to deal with whatever is happening. Illnesses normally do tend to wake us up from slumber and make us more aware of life, of its value. You are right. No medicine can keep us from the ultimate goal - death - but if we can live more peacefully, deeply, with love and with no resentment, it would be a life worth living even if it is for a short while.

ravi said...

u writings are appreciable

Harimohan said...

Thanks Ravi.

Unknown said...

Dear Harimohan,
Thank you for your interesting article which made very pleasant reading. I first met Patrick in 2004 and he has healed many people over the years. If you listen to most of his online talks you will realize that he always says he is not the one that heals, rather healing is a spontaneous result of faith.
Wishing you all the best..

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences Harimohan, I met Patrick for the first time in 2004, and it is an interesting experience to fully realize the meaning of faith and what we can become when we become totally aware of what we truly are.

Harimohan said...

Dear Unknown,
I did not listen to his online talks. I will now. Thanks for writing.
I was reading this book by Norman Cousins 'The Anatomy of an Illness' and there is one line which made tremendous sense - 'that all patients have a doctor who resides within them and that doctors are at their best when they get this doctor who resides within all patients to get to work'. This particular line comes after they meet an African witch doctor of whom Cousins is rather sceptical initially.
Healing comes in many forms and to me the most enduring healing comes from providing peace, courage and acceptance. Patrick puts people in a space of comfort which is a huge thing in itself. All else is as the Universe decrees including suffering and death.

Native Granny said...

In the book "Love, Medicine and Miracles" by Dr. Bernie Seigel, there is a story of a woman who is dying. He does not want to ask her "how are you" because he knows. So instead he says, "if you were not dying, what would you be doing" She is gone next time he passes her room. He some years later sees her healthy, happy, and she says "I know, why am I here" she tells him she thought about his question and went off doing, she said I am having too much fun to die, and she was no longer ill!

I like Patrick. He could easily be a comedian and heal more people, make more money for the Foundation, and not have critics trying to put him down.

I too have a friend who has been to Patrick, he asked everyone in the healing programs to say daily healing for him. He has become so much more healthy, and happy. He still has cancer, but his soul is healed, his mind is healed.

Joel Osteen tells of a medical study in which one group had placebo, one group regular treatment. BOTH groups had similar results of healing.

I think Patrick is amazing and thank him for healing for our group. We work with veterans, high risk children and families and his work has helped us to have another healing method, and to keep ourselves healed while working with the carnage of war and of the urban streets.

Native Granny said...

I went to Patrick and a short time later was offered classes in TM for free for our veterans and high risk youths. We the Directors got to take the classes. I have been in a work and two car accidents and have three places that are broken on my back. The muscles knot up and are even visible at times when hurting. They would NEVER go all the way down, not with physical therapy, shots, or massage and acupuncture. The third day of TM, I woke at night and felt as if something was missing. I moved my legs around without pain. I felt along my spine, there was not one single knot left. My back is still broken, I just had the scans, and MRI's for my disability review. BUT, the pain is so much less, and the knots are GONE. I believe, and am grateful to God, and Patrick and TM.

Unknown said...


Thanks for your blog, I have been reading a lot on the net and through books ever since my dad has been diagnosed for end stage renal failure, a lot of literature, philosophy, religious books anything which I can lay my hands on to calm myself . Had a couple of questions for you

(1) This blog is from 2011, what disease did you suffer from? How are you feeling now?

(2) Do healers have the power to negate Karmic effects or meeting them is also part of the events planned ?

(3) Does the patients mental makeup also contribute to how fast is he healed?

(4) Any experience of Pranic healing? They claim to be doing miracles

I do not believe that Patrick is in healing for money, he could have acted pricey and demanded money, but he does not do so and meets everyone who goes to meet him. Even if one (patient) gets positive vibrations and hope by visiting him. I think that its worth the effort of making it to his healing sessions.

One more thing which I have realized that it is the 'healers' who need to cross your path, you cannot force these people to do it.
You happen to meet them by destiny.

Harimohan said...

Dear Unknown,
I was diagnosed with adult nephrotic syndrome which since 2011, has come down to normal levels now. I am now convinced that we can give our medical troubles whatever name we want but we bring them on to teach us something, to guide us in a particular direction sometimes.
I don't know about healers and karma, but karma itself explains perhaps, why certain people come into our lives.
I believe the mental make up of the patient plays a huge part in the healing. Being willing, being convinced that one can heal and be haled, having a strong purpose to heal will go a long way. I will paste the link to a book review I did of Norman Cousins which addresses these issues ( It may have some information that could help.
I do not have much information about pranic healing but what Patrick does is to do with energy healing so its probably similar.
I agree with you fully. Anyone who can give a moment's respite to another soul has already done him service.Patrick is a healing presence and a soothing soul. These days I go to enjoy the serenity in those moments with him.
Good luck and wishing your father peace and good health.

Anniesha said...

How can one reach Patrick? Please can u help me out

Harimohan said...

Do check out
You get information on events etc and contact numbers too.
Good luck

Anonymous said...

I am super sensitive to energies and went to see this guy in Bangalore one time and I can honestly say that I didn't feel a single thing. I've been blown away by healers like John of God and Braco but I could be wrong but I don't believe Patrick is a real healer despite him maybe being a good guy who does good charity work with all the money he makes from healing.

Anonymous said...

I only know one thing, I met father Patrick nd felt peaceful, felt negativity melting away.