Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thought for the day - Where do you get your love from?

It struck me suddenly yesterday as I saw people at a gathering, all stiff and aloof. All wanting some love, kindness and comfort but behaving like they can handle it all together. I see my friends in some trouble, ill health and know that all they need is some love, a hug perhaps, a kind word. But they are walled and isolated? Where do we get our love from? Most people seem to live in those islands where there is no access to love. Ask yourself the question ad see where you get your love from.

Is there someone who you can talk to about anything? Is there someone who can give you a good laugh? Is there someone who hugs you? Someone who makes you feel better when you need it? Is there someone who makes you laugh easily? Is there someone who has a kind word? Is there someone who listens non-judgmentally? Is there someone whose home you can go off and feel secure and comfortable? Is there someone who loves you unconditionally? Is there someone who you can take for granted? Is there someone who gives you little surprises and make you feel good? Is there someone who asks you advise and takes you seriously? Is there something you love doing with someone? Someone who you can listen to music with, go visiting late night, go for a drive? Or even, is there something you just love doing?

Most older people seem to draw a lot of love from their children when the children are young as children can be a wonderful source of joy and love. Most older relationships however seem to lose out on unconditional love as they seem filled with anger and resentment or just plain boredom. Most people seem to just crave for one good hug, one kind word, one good laugh. If you have not been getting your love easily its time to renew old friendships, to be more open and trusting, to be more giving and to let love flow easily. Don't stop your flow of love. Find the people in your life who always made you feel special and rediscover them - spouses, children friends, parents, grandparents, neighbours, playmates - and even new ones and let go. Give all that you would love to get and you will get it all back. It's a good feeling to have so much love coming from all over.

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Rajendra said...

Someone just mentioned to me that a pet can be that source of unconditional love- hence their popularity.