Friday, October 28, 2011

Only the Fully Pure Can Ask

So the government goes after Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi and they find stuff that was never found before, and send IT notices and there is so much scrutiny on every act to prove that they are not as pure. That they cannot take the moral high ground. That since they are not pure they have automatically lost the right to ask for better governance.

If they ask - their impurities will be shown - and they will also join all else in the murky waters of the impure. Since the one man they could not touch yet - Anna Hazare - has not been found with too much dirt (just a hint of saffron that Digvijay Singh sprayed on him) - they have found out the team's weakness. And so the juggernaut rolls on, crushing all those who ask, who raise their voice, who dare to talk. Look at all those who are already under the scanner and facing the heat - from Jaganmohan Reddy to Kiran Bedi - they are all guilty of one thing. Raise their voice.

Even the worst of criminals has a right to ask. He will be punished for his crime and that is a separate matter. But he has a right to ask for what he believes is the good of the society. To probe and say that he is a murderer and a dacoit and cannot ask does not hold any water. These are politics of the impure, where the dirtiest and the only slightly tainted, are both viewed under the same scanner, are given the same punishment. But whatever their crimes, Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi have a right to ask, to demand. If they are guilty of crimes, so be it. Punish them. But do not take away the good that they intend. And if one feels that they do not intend any good, say it. Arrest them if they resort to unconstitutional acts. But what about public sentiment? What about votes? So let us prepare ground, dig, mailgn, taint and then drown.

It is time for good governance. For honest, courageous, responsible governance that
puts the interest of the nation in front. Not votes and power. To lead by example, not by elimination.

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Anonymous said...

Yes everyone has a right to raise their voice. But to ask nay demand to be given sweeping powers over all branches of the government......

You better be squeky clean even then its a lot to ask.