Friday, November 15, 2013

West Indies - Team In a Hurry

Watched bits and pieces of the SRT series and am surprised at the fight the West Indies put up. It does not look like a happy team. It does not look like a combative team. It does not look like a cricket team. It looks like a bunch of tourist cricketers who have found out that they have been cheated by the travel agent and will have to row their way back. What's with you guys?

Almost all of them seem to be in a hurry to go back home. They are bent on finishing the five day games in three, two if possible, but since the Indian batting will bat for two days at least, they may have to settle for three. What this is doing is putting a lot of pressure on organisers of the SRT farewell committees - they are on their toes from Day 2 onwards. Which means that all the VIPs are on their toes from Day 2. After all who can let go this chance of being on the screen on SRT 200. Anyway the West Indies are not really bothered about all this - they are more worried about their travel arrangements back home.

We play with teams like these at home and then play South Africa at their home, there is bound to be a difference. We can now look forward to that series which may test our stars a bit. Until then, we will also have to keep altering our travel arrangements thanks to the West Indies team. You know with so much travel - booking and cancelling and rebooking - the team should be sponsored by a travel company.

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