Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Paradoxes Of Our Lives - What We Want, is What We Really Don't Want

What we already have right now is what we really want.

What we don't have is what we really don't want.

What we have now includes the good and the bad we have with us now. The happiness, the unhappiness, the joy, the sorrow, the money and health and love, and the lack of it - this is the situation exactly as we want right now. This is what we have worked for and created with out thoughts, acts and deeds.

What we do not have and what we say we want, is really, what we do not want - now. If we wanted it, we would have got it. Instead, we keep it out and stay in a state of 'wanting' it. This state is something we have - of wanting. Not having. Sometimes having is a burden we don't want to carry.

Hence, we have. Or we want to have.

The moment we decide that we must move from 'want' to 'have' is that magically creative moment they talk of in affirmations and visualisations - of being in a future as if it is happening now.

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