Monday, November 4, 2013

Thought For The Day - The Link Between Giving, Leadership and Creativity

We can be a giver. Or we can be a taker.

The givers are ones who are the leaders, the creative ones and those whose lives are full, happy and vibrant. The takers are on the opposite side.

Giving - The Key To Ownership, Leadership and Creativity

The givers are usually the ones who have taken the initiative, the risk and want to give. Once they make up their mind, they look for ways to give, to contribute. This looking for new ways to give and contribute makes them creative. Taking the initiative, being action oriented and taking decisions come easily to them once they decide to be a 'giver'. Giving essentially is about adding life to a process, adding excitement and the you to every job, and getting far more in return.

Taking - The Key to Low Productivity, Resentment and Low Self-Esteem
The takers are the ones who are waiting. They ask sometimes and sometimes, do not even ask. They hope someone understands and gives them something. They remain in their place, waiting with their arms stretched out. There is no initiative, they are powerless, they are victimized, they cannot take any decision because they are scared about the consequences of upsetting the giver. There is also no creativity really. Just a feeling of helplessness. Of resentment. Taking essentially is about giving your power to someone else, feeling powerless about life and becoming smaller.

The question we need to ask ourselves in every walk of life, as long as we are alive is this - are we giving? Or are we taking? A small change in mindset can open up a new world. 


Rajendra said...

You may be on to something here. Taking chances of the 'right' kind is always going to lead you into unknown territory- that's what most are scared of, I guess.

Giving as defined here makes a lot of sense.

Harimohan said...

It also explains in a simplistic manner though, the difference between the 'talkers' and the 'doers' in the system. I always find it difficult to weed out or pinpoint the 'takers' in our political system and this could be a good way to find the right leaders. Who has given and who has taken from the system?