Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thought for the Day - The Link Between Happiness and Decision Making

Much of happiness lies in taking the decisions that run your life. Take decisions that you want on an everyday, every hour and every minute basis. That should change things a bit.

(Or go to the other extreme and let go. Let life go where it wants and flow with it.)

Since the second option is rather tough where we are currently situated - it is recommended that for a complete dose of happiness YOU take decisions that lead you to your happiness. Tea or coffee or nothing, go out or stay at home or go for a walk, go on a vacation or go on a trek or just stay up watching movies through the weekend. Go with what you want.

Don't get stuck in between decisions taken by someone else and what you want - because such a situation is bound to make you unhappy. For one you have no control over the outcome and two, you only get to blame. Either way it adds stress, fat, grey hair and frown lines.

Decide. Fast and every time. Say it. Hone the intuition. Act on it. Go for it. As often as you can. Yes or No.

Ask yourself - what would make me happy - and decide in pursuit of that happiness. Decide and go with it. It will pay off sometimes, it might not - but at least its your decision. You can be happy in that knowledge. And in the surprises it brings.

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Rajendra said...

I agree totally. Actually, as we go along, we realize that right or wrong, it's more fun to do it this way- make your decisions, I mean.