Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thought for The Day - The Need For Kindness

If there is one human trait that we need to see more of and live more of, it is kindness. We need acts of kindness, more of them, every day, every hour. We need it because we need to overwhelm this unfortunate need to hoard, to grab, to fill our emptiness. If there is really one emotion that can touch deeply and make a man cry, it is probably kindness.

In my life I look back and I think that it is the acts of kindness that always got me. Some acts were such that i could not recognise them when hey happened to me. Some were overt. Some I witnessed as a third person. Poor people, hungry people, little children, weak and powerless, women - they all find the strength in them to find kindness easily. It is the supposedly stronger who don't have the strength to be kind.

Kindness is the trait of the strong. It takes strength to show your vulnerability.

Kindness is subtle. It is not dramatic. It is understated. It could be a touch. A smile, A quiet word. A gentle act. It requires an opening of one's heart. It requires the strong to be vulnerable. And in being vulnerable, they show they are strong. It's powerful as the wind, the elements. Kindness is beyond giving, beyond material things - it is the fully loaded emotion that holds the other person who is on the edge, on thee verge of collapsing.

More kindness. Look to be kinder to all around you. Your loved ones first because we are harshest on them. Then everyone else. Watch the tone of your voice. Watch the hardness in your eyes. Watch the violence in your act. Watch the harsh edge in your thought. Be aware of the suspicion, the insecurity, the fear that drives you.

Let go. Kindness is all about letting go of all the fear, the negativity. I is about giving your all. It is love in action. Speak kindly. Look kindly, Think kindly, Act kindly.

Smile. Call. Hold, Pat, Support. Give. It is probably the most freeing emotion of all.

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