Friday, November 1, 2013

Mere Dad Ki Maruti - Movie Review

Ever since Sreeni gave me rave reviews of this movie I have been searching high and low for its CDs or DVDs and finally, after almost a year, I found the CD. I played it with all the anticipation of someone who has been waiting for a whole year for his first biryani and well, it was like being served cold biryani reheated. Did Sreeni overhype or oversell? I watched with a hope that something will make me laugh, but it did not. It was also a strange deja vu kind of feeling. Have I seen this somewhere? That Dude wheres my car movie was it?

Anyway wedding day at a Punjabi home in Chandigarh. Bride's father buys a Maruti as a gift for his daughter. His son, our hero, a bit of a loser somehow gets a date with the hottest babe in college. He picks her up in the Dad's new Ertiga (21 kms per litre!) and takes her to the party, impresses her with his moves and even drops her off to the hostel where she promises to meet again next day. On his return to pub, hero gives Maruti keys to someone he confuses with the valet and the car goes missing.

By next morning he has to get the car back so what does he do? Get a  test drive from the local Maruti dealer, go to some car financier or rental chap and rents one and makes a deal with a chap who makes over stolen cars and resells. his good friend and now the girl friend help in this. Will he get his car back in time for the wedding is the question and how will he face up to Dad when he eventually finds out is the hook. All in good time folks - watch the movie.

You know, its not a bad movie. In fact, other than not making me laugh (which is an excusable offence), it has a fair amount of entertainment going with the bungling ways of the youngsters. So young Saquib Saleem, the hero, turns out to be actor Huma Qureshi's younger brother who is also the son of Saleem Qureshi a Delhi based restaurateur who owns 10 restaurants called Saleem's, and is also a cricketer who represented J&K before modelling and now acting. The heroine Rhea is a model and VJ and has acted in a Telugu movie Tuneega Tuneega. Both turned in good, convincing performances.

It's a decent, good, fun movie with good performances. But you've seen it all before but it's not something at the level that Sreeni pitched it. I will watch out for Sreeni's recommendations from now on. Or perhaps just discount the same by 50%!

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