Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Usefulness of Blogs, The Kindness and Love of Friends

So I crib about all that goes wrong with my day on my blog. What good is a blog if I cannot even say what I feel like? When I wrote about my Children's Film Festival experience I had nothing more in mind than the hope that somewhere, someone might just see it and make some arrangements for people who show up at the venue. If not now, some other time, so someone else can benefit.

But it so happened that the blog was noticed by one exceptionally kind hearted gentleman I know, one who also happens to be a great fiend of mine, Vinod. He decided to do me the kind deed, and when I went over to meet him for our customary mirchi bajji-coffee-gossip session, he flashed two passes at me and Anjali. What a lovely gesture!

Anjali was thrilled with the fact that she got a pass and we both wore them and posed happily for photographs. There is but one day left as the film festival is drawing to a close and Anjali may not want to bunk school to see a movie, but Vinod bhai, you do keep our hope in the good things in life going. As I feel more and more strongly these days, it is kindness we need more of and that is something that Vinod possesses in ample measure.

There then, enough to warm up a steadily nippy Hyderabad weather. And who says no good ever came out of blogging? Wonderful stuff.

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