Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How To Learn Anything New - Fine Talk on TEDx by Josh Kaufman

How long does it take to learn anything new and gain reasonable competence? Josh Kaufman says 20 hours - or 45 minutes a day for one month. Check his talk out at the following link.

I loved what he said about how to do it.
1) Deconstruct the skill
2) Learn enough to self-correct (or get expert help)
2) Remove practice barriers
3) Practice 20 hours

Learn a new language, learn to speak or write, learn a new instrument (Josh plays a ukulele which he had put in a mere 20 hours at before he came to the talk). Hugely empowering especially if we can identify the one or two things that bother you - could be communication or public speaking - for many. All you need is 20 hours of deliberate, growth-oriented practice.

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Rajendra said...

There is one thing I have noticed about learning application software. It's far simpler when someone teaches you. Manuals are no good.