Friday, November 15, 2013

September - Movie Review

I got bored with this one. It's slow, drags and drags, and lacks the usual humour, irony and poetic justice that's a trademark of Woody Allen movies. To make things worse, it is set in a dark home that grows darker until there is a power cut. The movie grows darker too until one final line that the heroine says that unravels the movie's thread. By then its too late.

Lane has attempted suicide or something like that. That is the cue for a bunch of neurotic friends and neighbours to pile on - a friend with problems at home comes to help her, a writer next door whom she likes but who likes every other woman including her mom, another old man who loves her - I have lost count of the chain of people who are in love with someone and that person is now in love with someone else. Add to the party her loud, ex-celebrity mom who wants her biography written by the writer - she wants to highlight the part where Lane shot her ex-husband, a gangster who was beating her (the mom up). Lane's life spirals downward when she finds writer kissing her friend, her old neighbour making a move on her and finally her mom refusing to let her sell the house. The final line that clinches it all is when Lane confesses that she did not pull the trigger and only said what the lawyers told her to. The suspect is obviously the mom now who quickly lets her have the house.

Boring as hell. Avoid. To top it all, Mia Farrow and Diane Wiest wear clothes that resemble scarecrows or Polish refugees as the feisty mom says. No bigger bunch of losers can be found under one roof than in this movie. What's most interesting is that Woody Allen shot this movie twice over, back to back, because he was not happy with the way it turned out and changed a few actors and reshot (not very complimentary to the actors). Good thing he did not shoot a third time.

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