Sunday, November 10, 2013

Despicable Me 2 - Movie Review

Love this character and his pals, the minions. Anjali wanted us to watch this film and we did.

Gru has given up on his super villain status now that he has three adorable daughters with whom he is soft and kind unlike his old self. But he is called to action by the Anti-Villain League to save the world from disaster - someone has captured a high profile team that had developed some stuff that makes evil monsters out of normal people (with a huge magnet!). Gru refuses at first to go back to his old life, but then is forced to due to a series of events. He meets Lucy, a charming character, if we're on the right side of her and not so charming if we cross her, and together they carry on the crusade with some help from Dr. Nefario and his bungling minions.

Perfectly adorable and a lovely mix of good and bad, evil and kindness, fun and excitement. It's James Bond with his sirens, genuine romance and caring, plus some. Can't ask for more from a movie can you? Go watch.

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