Friday, November 8, 2013

Kai Po Che - Movie Review

'Kai Po Che' then, another one of those I had grand plans of viewing in the theatre but missed. I was a bit skeptical about the adaptation of the novel because certain premises made in the novel appeared too far fetched to me - the hitting of six sixes off the first six balls for instance. But the movie was well crafted and I learnt from it how to pick and choose what you wish to focus upon - in this case - the conflict between the three friends set against a volatile background - with cricket fading a bit into the scenery.

Three friends Omi, Ishaan and Govi, have small town dreams of making it big. Since they all love cricket they set up a sports shop and a cricket training academy - Ishaan has played at the district level. But the shop comes with a price, Omi's uncle is a right wing Hindu fundamentalist and wants them to join the party. To add to their woes Ishaan, who carries his passions on his sleeve, finds a huge talent in Ali Hashmi, a Muslim boy. When the Godhra riots happen, all lines are polarized - Omi's parents are killed in the blaze. As the Hindus look for revenge Ishaan wants to protect his protégé and Omi wants revenge for his family's death.

'Kai Po Che' is apparently a Gujrathi term used when a kite cuts another during Sankranti's kite flying frenzy. No heroine really but Govi's love interest Amrita Puri plays the young Gujarathi girl Vidya Bhatt perfectly, nice songs, great feel and well dramatised. I overlooked the six hitting capabilities of young Ali Hashmi which has been largely shown far more realistically here ignoring all the doctor's scientific jargon of why it happens etc, also overlooked the fact that the sports shop and the cricket academy are two separate businesses and the ease with which they get a ground for themselves as well and was glued to the drama that unfolds in their lives. Nice work Abhishek Kapoor and well enacted by all the actors.

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