Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bullets Over Broadway - Movie review

Part of a 40 day movie watching plan. 'Bullets over Broadway' is another one by Woody Allen.

Get an uncompromising playwright who finds it difficult to fund his play. Get a gangster who wants his moll to act on Broadway. Get them both together and the play happens. Only thing - the moll can't act and she comes with a sidekick who keeps interfering with the rehearsals. A fading diva with whom the writer is obsessed, a glutton of a hero with whom the moll is obsessed are the least of the problems - its turns out that the gangster sidekick is coming up with some fantastic changes to the play and its dialogue. It's a super hit. But as the play places, the gangster suspects his moll, the sidekick does not like the moll spoiling a nice play, the writer's wife leaves him - and pretty soon most characters are killed off. Writer returns to wife.

There's a pattern in Woody Allen's movies. The struggling artist representing the intelligentsia, the boring relationship, the dalliance, the genius in the most unlikely people, the change that comes over their lives and how the storm blows over at the end of it all. The key is that the most unlikely people crop with up with the intelligent stuff. As always Woody takes a potshot at all that we take seriously and demolishes it all with a line, a scene. Good stuff.


Rajendra said...

When was this movie made? How come I have not even heard of it? My GK needs a booster.

Harimohan said...

Raja, I had not heard of it either. It turns out the Woody Allen has made some 50 odd movies and is still at it.

Harimohan said...

Actually 73! He started out in 1965.