Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Orientation Of New Employees - Gap Miners

It is always a challenge to orient new employees. I tried other methods before but this time I had the luxury of time so I decided to adopt a different route.

1) I asked the employees to list all the reasons 'why they were there'?
or "Why are you here?"

The idea was to understand the purpose.

2) Then I asked them what they 'brought to the company"?
or "What do you bring with you?"

The idea was to know what they thought they came with.

3) Then we looked at "what they will take from the company?"
or "What will you take from your work here?"

"Why are you here?" brought these answers.
1) To earn
2) To learn
3) To express ourselves
4) To grow
5) To meet new people
6) To experience new things
7) To help organization grow/fulfill its goals
8) To help society
9) To build a career
10) To help people
11) To make a difference to this world

"What do you bring here?" brought forth these answers.
1) Skills
2) Knowledge
3) Experiences
4) Attitude
5) Energy
6) Time
7) Potential
8) Hope
9) Humour /Happiness
10) Ideas
11) Work / Effort
12) Style
13) Ethics
14) Values
15) Opportunities

"What do you take from here?" brought forth these answers.
1) Salary
2) Experience
3) Growth
4) Skills
5) Leadership experience
6) Expertise
7) Team work - knowledge of
8) Human nature - understanding of
9) New relationships
10) Opportunities
11) Ideas
12) Exposure
13) Chance to serve others
14) Domain Knowledge
15) Sense of purpose
16) Satisfaction

The main reason why "we were there" was of course the fact that Gap Miners thought them best fit to achieve its goals and has given them the opportunity.

An analysis of where one ranks on each of the above - especially what one brings - can make a huge difference to the performance. They have been asked to observe, analyse the list and come with some action plan to best their effort. More on this next week.

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