Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's an Ad, Mad World - The Super Man with Wings

The Volkswagon Jetta ad caught my ad instantly. To me one of the better ads of the season in many ways - says just enough, gets the message across and most importantly has enough to make you remember which brand it is all about. It is uniquely made, catches the eye and makes you think.

The Story as I saw it
Here's the young little lad who has wings but who realises that these wings are not something that make him different in a bad way, but something that makes him different in a super human way. He is flying, kicking in goals, saving people and enjoying the stardom of the man with the wings until her sees the Jetta - and decides to trade the wings in for the car. The look on his face as he drives off, looking at the place his wings had been is fantastic.

I have no complaints with this ad. Completely thinks differently, gets your attention with some weird visuals, a different looking model and tells a story in a fashion that makes you wonder why this superman is driving away in this car. Full marks to the creative team for coming up with this ad. Tops the list of ads this season for me.

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