Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thought For the Day - Action Is All that There Is, Just Do It

Many times we get caught in the dilemma about not doing certain things that we really like to do but we stop ourselves form doing it because people may not approve of them. (Or we do things that we do not like because people approve of them). Since people's reactions matter more than our own liking or disliking what we are doing, we end up doing or not doing things, and that itself can make us feel out of integrity with ourselves. It is the thought, of what others may think, what their reaction will be, and how it affects us, that makes us do things against our nature, or against our liking. This in turn could be a big drain on our energy and saps us completely.

We are better off doing the action, irrespective of what people feel and not worrying so much about it. There is a certain way to how action flows that opens up doors and provides solutions. All we need to do is do, get on with the action, and let things flow. Most importantly during this process we must keep our overactive thinking brain in neutral i.e. not expect too many things, analyse too many things, second guess too many things. Just pick the act you wish to do, do it, and keep your neutrality. Things work out best in this manner. All else is your illusion. And that includes what others are thinking, sating and reacting. There is a finality to your act which closes out certain things and opens up others.

On the other hand too much analyses, thought, etc in such situations can stop all action. It can make you do things against your nature. It can just sap you. When it comes to any such dilemma, where it is what you like to do versus other people's approval, I'd say go ahead and do it. Thinking can only take you shut doors. Action can open doors.

The only thing is that one must act on things one wants to do (and not act on things one does not). This conviction of the self is good enough for you. All else be damned. It makes things happen, keeps you happy, keeps people with you who like to see you happy with you and distances people who like to see you unhappy from you. Perfect situation. So next time, don't think so much, just do it. And stick to it. The others can sort themselves out. You have done it already and are feeling good about it! That is living, that is growing.

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