Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thought for the Day - The Illusion of Control

As we push ourselves to do better and to achieve our potential, there comes a time when we lose balance, the sight of reality. This time typically comes in our ascending period when we try to control everything - beyond even what matters to us. We somehow tend to think that we, as we were earlier, are not fully equipped to handle this new reality, this challenge of being in control of everything. And so we change ourselves bit by bit. Smiles disappear, miles get added on, frowns appear, information is not shared, spontaneity is lost.

As we change ourselves to be that person in total control we lose control entirely, and we try to be more of the person we are not. We fail to understand that the person we were, we are really, is what brought us to this stage, what gave us this whiff of control. And in a classic paradox, we lose that very person who got us here and become someone else. We seek and seek to find that balance then, to find that sweet happiness, to find that ease we had with the world, not knowing that it is within us, that we just have to let go of this mask. We don't need to be anything more or anything different.

Control, the perfect balance, excellence, in the universe, is like water in the palm. You grab at it, you lose it. You let it be, it stays. It is you that you meed to control, not the water, or everything else and everyone else. And control of you is just letting your true self be as it is. Don't grab it, don't force it, don't change it and don't mould it. It is perfect just the way it is. It will evolve just as it has been, without your additional help.

To be the best you, just get out of the way and just be. Just flow as you were made to flow.

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