Monday, September 19, 2011

Drop Things - Feel Relieved, Feel Alive

One way to feel less burdened, rather relieved, is to drop things that are increasingly adding a weight on your mind. Typically this 'dropping' is in the head far more than the physical 'dropping' in most times. Once the mind drops, most times a physical dropping follows. But the effect is phenomenal and freeing. It is a brilliant feeling that you are no more responsible for carrying the burdens of someone else unnecessarily.

End something and it frees you instantly. Ending is only in the mind. Tie it up, throw it away. You have dropped it. Over. Ahhhhh! Relationships you hate, toxic stuff, things you hate doing, people you hate dealing with - any of the many things on your mind that are bothering you, drop it now. You can have a life without these burdens - a much better life.

The key is to realise what to drop. We must discern carefully - keep what empowers us, is good for us and drop what is not good for us. All useless stuff that draws away your time and energy, makes you feel angry, frustrated, irritated, and is leading you away from your true, happy self are to be dropped NOW. Ask yourself and you will know how much of a compromise you are making. These are toxic stuff that will eat away your spirit. They can kill you. Drop them instantly. They are no good for you nor for the others. Bad relationships, friends who pull you down, work you do that you hate doing, bad habits, work you take on for others that you don't need to - all these and more fall into this category.

On the other hand all the things that make you feel good, you are looking forward to, make you happy (I heard a line in a movie yesterday starring Hugh Grant when someone says 'There is a lot left in a relationship when couples still laugh together'), energise you, help your growth - retain them. Cultivate them. They will build back your health. Your self esteem. Empowering and supportive relationships, people who make you laugh, things that make you go WOW, work that makes you feel all energised, saying NO to most useless stuff that is asked of you, falls in this.

Just as the body automatically filters the toxins and throws them away, so do we need to mentally filter the toxic stuff and throw them away. This function remains our responsibility. Throw away the bad stuff instantly so it does not pollute your system. Remember how it felt when a bad relationship ended, when you quit a toxic job, when you threw away lots of stored baggage, or even when you visit the loo - it is relief with a capital R. The longer you hold on, the more uncomfortable, toxic it can get.

I read somewhere at any moment we are carrying more than 100 things on us that are unnecessary burdens, 'shoulds'. The moment you drop them you can see the difference. The smiles come back on your face. You laugh easily. You are alive. Drop it.

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