Thursday, September 15, 2011

All We Need Is To Live This Moment

There is a humongous burden we take upon ourselves. A burden for all the myriad possibilities that could occur in our endless future. This huge burden can weigh us down really bad, can make us give up on things before even attempting them, can make us blind to opportunities. Mostly this burden can make us live compromised lives for fear of the future. For some it could mean pressing an early exit form life because th burden is too big. Most allow life in small doses, in only that space that we can imagine, and reject all other wonderful possibilities because of this needless burden we carry in our minds. No wonder our brows are creased, our shoulders are sagging and our hearts weary.

But no one has given us this burden. It is what we chose to carry for whatever reasons. Our only job is to play the current moment fully. To live it fully. To expand it fully. To breathe into it fully. To give it all you have. The moment you do it suddenly life takes on a different hue. This present moment makes you want to laugh. It gets a mischievous glint in your eye. It makes you focussed on it. Things happen as the moment comes alive. And that is all there is. This moment. No past. No future. Be there fully and play life as it comes.

The best batsmen do the same thing. They only play the ball as it comes. They do not play the last ball, or the next ball, or the reputation of the bowler, or the situation they are in. They only play it one ball at a time. And each ball leads to another and another and another until a whole world of possibilities opens up out of complete hopelessness.

Imagine this - your responsibility begins and ends with this moment. Which is pretty much the closest to reality. Freeing is it not. So now, just let the moment take you over. Enter the present moment and be there fully. That is all there is to your life. No more. This moment.

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