Saturday, September 17, 2011

Anjali - And the Flowers

So what does one do when one has three day old roses in a vase that are slowly on their way out and one big, red rose, all fresh from the garden? I thought that maybe the old ones would go straight to the bin where they now belong having given us the pleasure of their beauty and fragrance, the old water changed and the new prima donna given all scope to show off its glory all by itself and not be bogged down by fading, dying, old flowers. But apparently there are other considerations as I found out.

I gave Anjali the new red rose and left her to admire it and do whatever she wants to do with it. After a while I heard her calling out to me to see what she had done to her red rose. The red rose had joined the fading, dying flowers in the vase.

'So she won't feel lonely. Now they can all be together and be friends,' she said.

Yes, of course. The young and the beautiful can also be friends with the old and the dying. Maybe, instead of thinking that the old ones would diminish the beauty of the new one, one may see it from another perspective - the new one may increase the beauty and life of the old ones by being with them. Perhaps that is the beauty of friendship, of sharing, of living together. That one need not be at the cost of another, each one can do their part and live happily together. Thanks Anjali.

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