Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Telangana bandhs - Hyderabad in Disarray

The RTC is off the roads for almost two weeks now. Schools are shut till the 10th. Government officials are on strike. Industries are shut. Trains are shut every once in a while. Petrol bunks go off without warning. All kinds of unions join the strike every second day. The general administration has come to a stand still.

There are a few questions still. The other day I heard a n auto rickshaw driver crib about how the frequent bandhs are completely making life miserable for him The porter at the railway station said he has no option but sit at home during those 49 hours that the rail roko was on. The bus stops are full of people carrying suitcases and bags trying to get some mode of transport to go away.

If the capital city is under siege for so many days how will it recover?
Economically it is a huge set back. Branding wise it is a hug set back. Who's going to pay the bills for the loss in production? Who is going to make up for the loss of work? Will the RTC ever recover from its losses here. Or Singareni? As the rest of the world zooms ahead, as we hear of the focused progress China is making, we wonder where we are heading. It will take many years to recover from the damage that has been done already, and there is surely more disruption to follow. I hope that someone is thinking in that direction as well! Work is something we cannot avoid forever, and it must be done. How much and how efficiently is what defines where we stand in the order.

It is true of the nation as well. Few states are showing the drive, the vision and sense of purpose that is required. I am afraid that at this rate we will only have a large population with no real skill, no inclination to work and no discipline - qualities which I reckon are important for growth. If we take ourselves seriously as contenders for a leading position by 2020, we need to pull up our socks. A thought must be spared om that direction as well!


Rajendra said...

Working from home may yet happen, as promised in HR conferences aeons ago! Just kidding. It may be a good idea to get it over with-I mean Telangana formation.

Harimohan said...

I think most already are. Some enterprising educational institutions started classes at 530 in the morning to get some work done but someone found out and bashed the Principal up. Home is the best place.

Rahul said...

hyderabad composition today is totally different from what it existed prior to 1956.The population then was 60% mulsims, 10% kayathas/marawadies /other north indians( who were brought in by nizam to rule telugus like slaves), 10% canarese(hyderbad karnatak), and 10% marathas(marathwada) . After formation of AP, the population from seemandhra and telangana regions increased at very large rate reducing northinidan/kayasth/marawaries to less than 5%,muslims to to 40%, seemanadhrites to 30% , 25% telanganites(originalpeople settlers from eight districts of telangana.These figures are most authentic even though seemandhra population claim is to the extent of 40%.
Naturally the hyderabadites and only hyderabdites will detrmine the future of hyderabad.The politicians may decide as per the regional aspirations but the reginal aspirations of greater hyderabad can not be overlooked by centre in case of division . There will be unrest If they do that.

Deviding telugus on the basis of regions is highly objectionable. Hyderabad belongs to telugus and it has to remain as capital of telugus for ever .The option that is acceptable is only samaikhya andhra pradesh and nothing lese.
It is nonsense for high command to talk as if they can find solution.What can these politicans do more than what srikrishna commission did. Above all when people of all regions are charged to the peaks of break down, the politicians become irrelevant. only 12 crores telugus can decide.