Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Action - And Its Wonderful Consequences

Many times I get stuck for want of an idea. I can do two things when it happens. One is wait for the grand idea. Two, write on something and hope that it takes me somewhere. I was earlier part of the club that supported the former idea. But I am now an unabashed fan of the club number two. The 'Action Club' or rather 'The Action When You Don't Know What Else To Do' club.

Typically when I write, even without any particular direction, I find that one sliver of a thought, one slow or sluggish phrase, suddenly brings a new perspective, a new colour to the whole thing. That itself can lead to something else and more and more. Ideas beget ideas, words beget words, action begets action, thought begets thought, inaction begets inaction. I may not use it for the same purpose as I started out with sometimes but it gives me another new angle to explore. A whole new article, a new book, a story! It is the thought that is the action here, almost. Not pausing though is action.

I see myself and my thoughts and I notice how they fly - sometimes they cringe, sometimes they are aggressive, sometimes scared, sometimes just stunned. I see how they block my action towards things that are obviously the stuff I need to do topmost, for my own good. I can see how they make me procrastinate. And it is then that I need to start doing the one small thing that is needed. Sit at the table, take out the file, make that call, write the line, make that appointment.

The first step is all I need to take. The rest takes care of itself. It is almost as if God is saying, taking one step to show your intention, I will handle the rest.
Just as it happens with the writing. The first word, the first sentence is all I need to take.

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