Monday, September 26, 2011

Ideas Beget Ideas, Action begets Action

It appears that whatever you do, begets more of that. I write an idea and it becomes many more ideas. At one time there are so many ideas that it feels good to be in such an abundance of ideas. The more you think, the more ideas you generate, you feel that at one time, they start coming at you with great ease. There is an abundance of ideas. In the beginning, it may seem to be a difficult thing to generate ideas, to just write on something unrelated other than the masterpiece. But when you do, you find that the masterpiece also happens!

It is therefore important to be with the thing you wish to beget. That thing you want an abundance of. If it is relationships, money, career or health or any of the main areas in your life that you feel you are lacking in, it is important to start working on it with the right earnest even if it does not appear to be heading anywhere, without any purpose. Work on earning money, recovering money, investments, earning opportunities, meeting people, checking out alternatives, using and spending money so it has an intention of earning more, then after a while, the flow will start and you will certainly notice the abundance around you. So with health, jobs, relationships etc. Do something, be with it, on the path you want to tread...and you will be flooded with abundance.

It is almost as if the Universe wants you to take those steps, to commit yourself fully to want what you say you want, and once you are on the path of 'doing things' or 'generating things' in as many ways as possible with what you want, you see it coming into your life from some completely unrelated areas. But what the process does to you is make you aware that all you have to be is in a state of receiving from any source, and not limit your source. That is what committing yourself does, what trying out all possibilities does. Opens your mind to the many possibilities that are available. If only you try.

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Rajendra said...

There is something in what you say. Maybe we read the wrong end of the Bhagavad Gita.