Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's an Ad, Mad World - The Ball Bouncing Buyers and Sellers

Quickr has this slightly unbelievable ad where people are bouncing balls or throwing them over their shoulder and by the time the balls get back to them, they have completed their transactions. The ads do get the story of speed across, gets the brand name reinforced in the viewer's mind which is two out of three for it. As for the idea of bouncing and throwing balls I am not too convinced but it seems to get the major story in so I'd have no problem with it if I was Quickr.

The Story as I See It - Buy and Sell Those Who Do Not Want to Think
We have a competition of sorts for people who are in a hurry to buy or sell things online. The entire idea seems to be to sell or buy before the balls bounce back for reasons best known to them. Presumably they are really keen to get rid of the stuff or buy that stuff or whatever. The focus does not seem to be on the value one gets - just of getting rid of stuff or getting stuff quickly without spending any thought. For those who want to buy and sell without giving any thought to the process, this is the perfect site.

Apart from the bouncing ball business which probably serves to assist brand recall, I don't have too much of a problem with this ad. Qucikr actually registers better than the other site which goes like OWL or OMG or something - a site that seems to have better ads but lower brand recall. If only they had worked someway of getting the speed and brand in without compromising too much on the value angle of the buying and selling.

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