Thursday, September 9, 2021

Thought for the Day - Your Objective Should be You at Full Potential

 While setting objectives in the Take off program I realised a 10x goal does not come easy. We look at wishy washy goals that are in our comfort zone, we look at activity based goals mistaking activity for impact, and we end up doing a lot of activity with very little impact.

One insight here is this - whatever you are doing currently - what is it at full potential? If you assess your work or passion at full potential you get a fair sense of where you are playing in the spectrum - you could be only using 10% or 20% of your potential. So, the way to get to the 10x Objective is like this - slide the work you are doing up the impact scale until you start feeling uncomfortable - scared. It should be scary. But the key question also is this - it should be something you really want. Would I like 100,000 clients paying Rs 10 for my gyan? I would love to.  So stay with that objective and then we'll figure a way to get there.

Like I discussed yesterday - at first the idea is so out of our consciousness that it may take a day or two to settle down into our consciousness. And then we see how it can be achieved.

There's always a way. 

So get started on setting that scary objective that will catapult your life into the next level, that 10x objective. 

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