Thursday, September 30, 2021

Anjali - A Dog Bed for Akela

 The love affair continues! Anjali and Akela!

Akela sleeps at the back of the house on an old blanket. Anjali loves haning her around so she takes her books and table and sits with Akela and studies. Akela of course sits dutifully by her side or lolls off to sleep. 

Akela snug in her new dog bed 

In the mornings Anjali meets Akela and goes out for a short walk in the street next to our house. Akela goes off foraging so Anjali comes back. When Anjali returns from school she calls out and Akela comes running from the back of the house, happy to see her mistress. Of course when Anjali goes out Akela steps out with a protective eye on her.

Anjali's birthday is coming and she has been buying stuff on the net for herself - clothes and stuff. And she could not forget Akela could she? So she ordered a dog bed all on her own for dear old Akela - spending all of 500 bucks of her money. 

To see Akela snuggle into her bed was such a sight. To see her mistress next to her patting her was just another. The love Anjali has for these lives, for life in general, is so nice to see and experience. It's beautiful.  

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