Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thought for the Day - Ownership is Your True Guide

 When you're in doubt or a dilemma or even when you are in spaces where you feel misunderstood or unsure - there is only one question to ask. 

Qutb Shahi tombs Hyderabad

What do I want from this and what do I want to do?

The answer is the right answer because it is completely your answer, your way. You own it. When you own it you are not looking anywhere else for validation. It does not matter what the other person wants or thinks or feels - you know what you want, think and feel and that' good enough.

All drama comes from the other person understanding what we are doing 'for them'. When we feel they don't we get upset. But when it becomes our 'own' story as in 'I am doing it because I want to' then we feel good by ourselves without validation. We know why we did it.

For every single dilemma or drama in your life - big or small - ask this one question. 

What do I want from this and what do I want to do?    

Then just do it. All else fades off.

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