Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Canteen Fundas - Commit Your Contribution to be Consistent

Not consistent? Commit your minimum committed contribution and go for it.


E-Canteen Fundas: Commit your contribution for consistent performance

‘Our basketball team’s fully set,’ said Rahul. ‘We’ve a common purpose, clarity of roles and are fully aligned.’

‘But you’re not consistent,’ said Rinku. ‘Some days you play brilliantly, other days you suck. Something’s wrong.’

‘Rinku’s right,’ said Rakesh. ‘You must convert what you have into consistent results. You can’t simply hope.’

‘How do we do that bhaiyya?’ asked Rahul.

‘To deliver consistently, commit what each one will contribute to the team and hold yourself responsible for it,’ said Rakesh, adding, ‘Do you do that?’

‘We don’t explicitly commit bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘We believe everyone’s doing their best.’

‘That’s what most of teams do,’ said Rakesh. ‘But good intentions don’t translate to concrete results. A better way is to commit to a clear contribution. That way you’ll find ways and deliver to potential.’

‘How do we go about it bhaiyya?’ asked Rahul.

‘Ask everyone in your team to set their own targets on what they’ll deliver and share it with the team,’ said Rakesh. ‘When it all adds up you have a team that performs consistently.’

‘Hmm, but what if they set a target that’s too low or high?’ asked Rinku.

‘Good question,’ said Rakesh. ‘A good target focuses all your resources towards achieving your target. A low target’s not challenging enough because it uses only a part of your resources. And a very high target makes you give up because it feels impossible. The ideal target’s in the sweet spot — beyond what you think is possible, yet tangible enough to excite. A challenge that stretches you. So discuss and arrive at well set targets that utilise all your unused potential.’

‘Bhaiyya, what if someone sets too high a target that they’ll fail?’ said Rinku. ‘What about their commitment to the team then?’

‘Have two goals then,’ said Rakesh. ‘One committed goal and one aspirational goal. If the team needs 20 committed points and the player thinks he can do 35 great, go for 35, but deliver 20 without fail.’

‘Bhaiyya, we never committed to targets,’ said Rahul. ‘Won’t it put too much pressure and affect performance?’

‘No,’ said Rakesh. ‘On the other hand, a publicly committed target makes you examine your process towards becoming better players. You’ll be forced to use resources you already have at your disposal to deliver consistently, including the group wisdom of your team. As a team you can help each other achieve more and improve the team performance. You will play to your potential.’

‘True bhaiyya,’ said Rahul. ‘I can see how this practice of committing targets and holding ourselves responsible to deliver consistently can help our team perform better.’

Pro Tip: Commit concrete performance delivery to your team by setting yourself challenging targets. It will improve performances – individual and the team’s. When you commit, you reexamine your process, use all resources efficiently and deliver consistently.

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