Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thought for the Day - Self-Love Is Being Seen as We Are

 So this is a definition of self-love that finally fits in with everything. Self-love is being seen exactly as we are without our fig leaves, without our judgments about ourselves.

That's why self-love takes us to our potential. All that we hide, all the we do not do because we have judgments on it, or because we are afraid to be seen like that, are parts of us we don't love. No self-love, no full potential.

Self-love then, is the way to uncovering you at full potential.

Connecting this with another thought I had recently about us being at full potential - that we are not at full potential as long as we feel uncomfortable with ourselves i.e. do not do certain things where we think we don't look good. But its our judgment and it is precisely in doing those things that we give ourselves the biggest chance.

When we make the announcement that we are ready.   

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