Friday, September 17, 2021

Anjali - A Poem from Her Blog

Anjali's poem on her recent experience with Akela and co!

Young and fierce, the bitch lay

Looking amongst the bushes

Each rustle sending a chill in her spine

Of something wild and vicious

With fur of golden wheat

And eyes that captured the world

She had a growl of rumbling thunder

When a threat bound onward

Four little balls of flesh

Suckled unto her

Starving herself,

She had no respite

A human arrived one day

Stood far and stood

For hours until she got close to her

and finally her puppies had love

Now they had a home

With humans for lord's sake

They were one of the lucky ones

For they had friends after all

Golden Wheat

Sona, darling!

Is there not the World in these eyes?

Rest in Peace, Zindagi

Her puppies grew big and playful

And jumped around the pots

And stole their way into the hearts

Of every human on the block

Yet there was always a fear

A Fear of something unknown

Until one day it came true

And into the dark went one young 'un

Another was injured

And the girl could not take it anymore

The pup stayed inside, 

And all her dreams were realised

But she had to part too, with her other little sister

For the human family had to be preserved

Heart ache like never before

As she had never had to lose

Something so full of life and love

And she had never had to choose

The puppies now live in bliss

With loving owners on a farm

But the bitch with the fur of golden wheat

Who turned my life upside down

Will continue to persist

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