Sunday, September 19, 2021

Anjali - And How to Use OKRs

 So Anjali joined us bunch of adults when we were setting our OKRs. While we all set our OKRs which looked rather vague and difficult, she had great clarity on her OKRs. As you can see in her blog her first OKR was to get three pieces published by January 2022. Now that's a good Objectives (we even discussed that maybe she should look at an international publication to push the Objective further)

Big Rocks

She set her KRs' accordingly (I am copying from her blog here) 

- Blog weekly, i.e, have 16 blogs up by the end of the year
- Read Quality Books every week (Starting with Wuthering Heights)
- Identify Students' Newspapers / Magazines / Poetry Journals that take submissions by Sep 15th
- Send submissions to the School Blog
- Write something daily (Thoughts, Journal, Blog, poetry, anything)
- Get feedback on the writing from non-biased people who give constructive criticism


Idea in place she started writing in earnest - two articles and three poems. She found out addresses of Young World and a couple of children's newspapers and magazines to send her pieces. And then - this is the best part of execution - she went through her cousin's blog (she writes too) and found an international website (heart and mind) which accepts poetry.

She emailed her poems and voila - by evening they accepted one poem and were fine with accepting another subjecting to changing one word. One week into her OKRs she has an international publisher under her belt.

The Key
To me the key lay in her proactive execution. Writing her stuff, finding the emails and other possible links to publishers from all known sources and actually approaching them directly. How much ever we say people don't take this seriously - most times big achievements are a matter of simply doing the work, simply executing, taking care of the big rocks.
Brilliant job Anjali.

Her other Objectives are
1) Objective : To get 100% in every Term-I exam while enjoying the process
2. Objective: To live a healthy lifestyle and reach my ideal fitness level while having fun
3. Objective: To feel complete and figure out what it takes for me to be happy

You can check out her poems as well.

Anjali is the first in the group to have accomplished a major outcome in her OKRs. So cheers to that.

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