Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Thought for the Day - What's Not in Your Consciousness Will Never Grow You

 While doing the 10x work on the Take Off program I realised this - what's within our consciousness (I use it loosely to mean what we know is possible and true for us - like our normal life) cannot grow us not excite us, nor does it allow us to use all our resources. You see our resources are also dynamic and we can never stay quiet thinking we're at full potential. 

The only way to reach for our full potential is to constantly seek what's outside our consciousness. And that's what Take Off or the 10x idea does. Take your normal 1x and push it all the way to the end of the scale - 10x. If your idea of a vacation is going to Munnar, think Maldives, if you drive a Santro think a 20 lakh car, if your income is 1x think 10x. Now all these ideas completely shake you out of your comfort zone, put you in a tizzy, make you want to defend yourself and even get angry at the person who suggested this.

The idea is pretty simple - as long as you believe its out of your reach it will be. But if you just think of it as a possibility and say - hey it would be nice to go to Maldives - you realise that you start thinking how. You may be upset for a day but the next day the idea seeps into your consciousness and once it comes down into your universe - you have half created it. It will take on an energy of its own.

So look at your life, look at what's bothering you, and instead of compromising, go 10x. It will bring the idea into your consciousness which makes it now within reach. Its in your universe - now if you want it, you can take it. So go 10x, go beyond your universe of possibility and download stuff from above. Put it on the wish list. Look at it everyday. 

Until it starts unfolding into your reality.   

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