Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thought for the Day - Vision is Nothing But Stretching Your Small Idea to Its Fullest Potential

 Another view point on potential and thinking long term. Our vision for anything comes to full potential only if we can sit and see the entire journey, all possibilities and more, for our idea. If we only look at bringing it out it does not grow - we need to see it at full potential and give it a chance to get there. That is the hall mark of a visionary.

A prospective client had asked me if I could do a training program for him. I normally say yes and am stuck only at delivering this program. But the other day I thought about what he wanted and asked myself - how can I really help this person with what I have - and I felt that a longer term engagement with his team would have best results. I could really capture my knowledge into proper modules and get the entire team on board and really make a difference. I could throw in some coaching as well. That is the idea at bigger potential than what I saw.

That is what visionaries see. They can stretch a small idea and see the bigger picture. We can do it too - take your idea and stretch it to all possibilities and voila, you'll see exciting possibilities. 

Now, take our own life for example. If we are asked at what capacity are we operating we might say 30-40%. That's because we are only seeing that much -  short term. But if we think long term and think of all possibilities that we can think of we really get into good space with bigger and better ideas for our life.

Go long term. Go big. Stretch that idea to full potential and see a beautiful picture emerge.     

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