Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg was an ex- Googler and CEO of Facebook. The book is all about how women should lean in more into leadership positions because they have a lot to offer and I fully agree. I remember reading somewhere about how a company changed its policy towards race (could be gender for this example) and by making that one change, added a 50% new angle to their business (resulted in actual growth). Keeping women out with all their wonderful strengths and special characteristics means we keep out 50% of our strength.

But why do we do that?

Simply because we are led by insecure people, insecure men, who cannot handle women and the power and beauty and compassion they bring with them. For centuries we have been led by insecure people (and continue to be) which is why the world landed in the place it is in - war, climate change, inequality - all caused by bullies of the world. Bring in the women, bring in the empaths and the world will be a completely different place.

Filled with some lovely anecdotes from her own life and from people she has met with and interacted, Sheryl discusses issues like how women feel discrimination at the work place (being like the boys, no separate toilets, no parking for pregnant mothers), how their husbands need to reach out and help in and not see it as a favour, be an equal partner, how women themselves need to step forward and claim what is rightfully theirs. She puts forward her own case and how everything can be managed by figuring ways and putting limitations in (lady who put her children to bed with uniform is a classic case) and how women need not leave jobs because of family or kids - they just leave because they think they cannot manage it. Sheryl says they can. She is proof of it.

It's a fine book and one that does a lot for women who are confused about the many things they feel they have to handle on their own. Sheryl lays it bare and gives practical solution. Here's to a more equal, peaceful and harmonious world with more women in leadership positions - something I hope this book will do. And by doing so, reduce the level of insecurity in the world!            


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